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Schott ZWIESEL is the glass of the professional® The independently recognised, global market leader for the supply of high quality, Titanium crystal stem and barware for use in professional hospitality.

We lead innovation in hospitality Crystal glass design & durability to maximise your budget and reflect the quality of your hospitality.

That’s why, world-wide, Schott ZWIESEL is consistently favoured by hospitality professionals, leading caterers, sommeliers and mixologists – like you

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Schott ZWIESEL Wine & Bar glasses are made from durable, Tritan® PROTECT Crystal glass. Since 2002, Tritan® Crystal glass has set the glassware industry benchmarks for durability and brilliance.

For professionals like you a fine Schott ZWIESEL Tritan® PROTECT Crystal glass is

  • Durable
  • Chip Resistant
  • Stable on the Table
  • Highly dishwasher resistant
  • Requires little polishing
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ZWIESEL Glas Tritan® PROTECT provides permanent stem tempering.

Compared to untreated glass, Tritan® PROTECT doubles stem strength. Giving you a longer-lasting glass.

This innovation has been rolled out across every Schott Zwiesel & Zwiesel Glas Professional range.


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To your guests, Schott ZWIESEL drinking glasses demonstrate the quality of your hospitality®, delivering:

  • Enjoyment by the glass®
  • Balance in the hand
  • Fine rims for soft lips
  • Sparkling crystal clear clarity
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Schott ZWIESEL Tritan® PROTECT Crystal glass has outstanding dishwasher resistance for easier stewarding:

  • Never dulls
  • Reduced polishing need

Plastic cellular wash / dry storage racks will extend the service life
of your glasses.

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Schott Zwiesel & Zwiesel Glas Professional glassware is manufactured by Zwiesel Glas in the heart of The Bavarian National Forest.

Our modern factory is designed to be a good neighbour.

It incorporates many innovations for clean, sustainable production. For example, water leaves our manufacturing process cool and clean, to sustain and enhance our natural surroundings.

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Unlike old-fashioned Crystal glass, durable Tritan® PROTECT Crystal glass uses NO oxide of Lead during manufacture.

Consequently, a Schott Zwiesel or Zwiesel Glas Professional glass may be thoughtfully re-cycled at end of service life.