Schott Zwiesel Wine Glasses Give Shape To Wine(r)

Schott Zwiesel & Zwiesel Glas Professional
Wine Glass Ranges

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ADIT Curated Zwiesel Glas Tritan(r) Protect Longer Lasting Crystal Glasses

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Zwiesel Glas Professional | Mouthblown Wine Glass Ranges

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ADIT Curated Zwiesel Glas Mouthblown Tritan(r) Crystal Fine Resilient No Pointer
ADIT Curated Zwiesel Glas Mouthblown Titanium Crystal Dishwasher Resistant 55 to 85 C
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Through the Schott ZWIESEL brand, Zwiesel Glas has been a significant innovator
in drinking glassware design and technical development.

We work with sommeliers and designers to create stemware that both
enhances your appreciation of wine and delivers real handling benefits.

Design married to functionality, then reinforced with durability
& the unique reassurance of being environmentally friendly.