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THE JOURNEY Crystal Wine Glasses with Decorated Stems
by Zwiesel Glas Retail

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Zwiesel Glas Retail JOURNEY 123071 All Round Ep 608ml Twin Pack

JOURNEY 123071
All Round Red or White
Wine Glass +Ep*

H229mm D100mm
SKU 123071 (x2 Pack)

Zwiesel Glas Retail JOURNEY 123075 L Bordeaux 633ml Twin Pack

JOURNEY 123075
L Bordeaux Wine Appreciation Glass

H245mm D96mm
SKU 123075 (x2 Pack)

Zwiesel Glas Retail JOURNEY 123073 Burgundy 805ml Twin Pack

JOURNEY 123073
Burgundy Bowl Wine Appreciation Glass

H236mm D112mm
SKU 123073 (x2 Pack)

ADIT Curated Schott Zwiesel DIMENSIONS
Zwiesel Glas JOURNEY 123089 White Wine Glass Ep 446ml

JOURNEY 123079
White Wine Glass +Ep*

H234mm D84mm
SKU 123079 (x2 Pack)

Zwiesel Glas JOURNEY 123087 Champagne Glass Ep 358ml

JOURNEY 123077
Champagne Glass +Ep*

H245mm D72mm
SKU 123077 (x2 Pack)

ADIT Curated Zwiesel Glas Effervescent Point
Zwiesel Glas Retail JOURNEY Hooped Stem Decoration Detail

Zwiesel Glas Retail JOURNEY has an unusual, hooped stem decoration.

The result is a counter play of sparkling reflection and dramatic shadow.

The stem incorporates
the Tritan® PROTECT finish:
An invisible & permanent 
stem tempering process,
developed by Zwiesel Glas. 

Tritan® PROTECT doubles stem strength
compared to un-treated crystal glass.