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Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121408 Large Bordeaux Red Wine Appreciation Glass 742ml

VERVINO 121408
Large Red Wine Glass 742ml

H245mm/9.7in D100mm/3.9in
SKU 121408 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121413 Small Burgundy Bowl with effervescence point 685ml

VERVINO 121413
Medium Wine Bowl *ep 685ml

H230mm/9.1in D105mm/4.1in
SKU 121413 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121409 Burgundy Bowl 955ml

VERVINO 121409
Large Burgundy Bowl 955ml

H236mm/9.3in D120mm/4.7in
SKU 121409 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121405 Red or White Wine Glass with effervescence point 487ml

VERVINO 121405
Red / White Wine Glass ep* 487ml

H238mm/9.4in D84mm/3.3in
SKU 121405 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121404 Large White Wine Glass with effervescence point 406ml

VERVINO 121404
White Wine Glass ep* 406ml

H225mm/8.9in D80mm/3.2in
SKU 121404 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121406 Dessert Wine 290ml

VERVINO 121406
Dessert / Port / Sherry Glass 290ml

H212mm/8.4in D72mm/2.8in
SKU 121406 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121407 Champagne Glass with effervescence point 348ml

VERVINO 121407
Champagne Glass ep* 348ml

H230mm/9in D72mm/2.8in
SKU 121407 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121411 Water Glass with effervescence point 398ml

VERVINO 121411
Water / DOF Whisky Glass ep* 398ml

H90mm/3.5in D91mm/3.6in
SKU 121411 (x6 Pack)

Schott Zwiesel VERVINO 121410 Tumbler 485ml

VERVINO 121410
Tumbler ep* 485ml

H115mm/4.5in D87mm/3.4in
SKU 121410 (x6 Pack)

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