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Zwiesel 1872 HommageZwiesel 1872 represents a 142 year heritage in
the art of mouthblown & hand finished wine glasses.
Today, our craftsmen fashion a complete range of
drinking glasses, carafes & decanters.

Our luxury glasses are appreciated by connoisseurs of fine wines, spirits & cigars around the world. 

Download a PDF Catalogue  Zwiesel 1872 Mouthblown Glassware 
Gourmet Mouthblown Wine Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Modern Cut Glass Wine Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Vintage Champagne Glasses by Zwiesel 1872 
Exquisite Champagne Toasting Flutes by Zwiesel 1872  Sparkling Wine Flutes by Zwiesel 1872  Wine Tasting Glasses by Zwiesel 1872 

Hand-made Cocktail Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Connoisseur Cognac & Spirits Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Modern Cutglass Barware by Zwiesel 1872 

Carafes by Zwiesel 1872  Decanters by Zwiesel 1872  Luxury Whisky Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  

Contemporary Cut Glass Whisky Decanters by Zwiesel 1872  Cigar Ash Trays by Zwiesel 1872

ZWIESEL 1872 | Gourmet Collection

Zwiesel 1872 HommageThe ZWIESEL 1872 GOURMET COLLECTION provides elegant,
functional sommelier stemware. These glasses are designed to
enhance the character and aroma of fine wines.


ZWIESEL 1872 UK Ranges 
Air Sense  |  Enoteca  |  Fino  |  Gusto  |  Simplify  |  The First  
Wine Classics  |  Wine Classics Select 

ZWIESEL 1872 | Hommage Collection

Zwiesel 1872 HommageThe ZWIESEL 1872 HOMMAGE COLLECTION offers
three modern, mouth blown & hand cut barware designs.


These ranges are inspired by the legendary Munich bar-keeper Charles Schumann.
As the name implies this range of classic barware honours both the sensual &
aesthetic pleasures of bar culture.

ZWIESEL 1872 UK Barware 
Carat  |  Com├Ęte  |  Glace