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SCHOTT ZWIESEL Bouncing Wine Glass Video (Tritan® Protect)

Watch the Schott ZWIESEL Bouncing Wine Glass Video and see one of our elegant, durable stem glasses in unusual action. It's all thanks to our new Tritan® Protect innovation.

Tritan Protect Logo 2013For 142 years Schott ZWIESEL has striven to manufacture the best wine glasses in the world. Today, our stemware (bar glasses, too) are used by hospitality professionals around the globe.

People, like you, who recognise and are willing to invest in quality stemware to match the credentials of your business and the expectations of your guests.

Tritan® Protect stem tempering

Tritan® is the only Crystal glass with an International Patent. This innovation in glass production is now further enhanced with the Tritan® Protect stem tempering process.

What does this mean for your guests?

Tritan® Lead-free, Titanium Crystal Glass delivers an elegant stem glass that will enhance your guest’s perception and experience of your wines.

A Schott ZWIESEL wine glass is elegantly formed, balanced in the hand, light in weight and generous enough to enhance the aroma & taste of the wine it contains.

What about you – the hospitality professional?

Tritan® Crystal’s renowned durability is now enhanced with Schott ZWIESEL’s Tritan® Protect stem tempering process.

This further safeguards your investment in quality, reducing the cost of ownership and easing glass care.

Tritan® Lead-free, Titanium Crystal Glass has a permanent brilliance, requiring hardly any polishing.

It is certified dish-washer safe to 3000+ cycles. In hard-water areas condensed limescale flecs simply dust off.

Tritan® Titanium Crystal glass is naturally shatter resistant. Now, with added Tritan® Protect stem tempering, the best wine glass in the world delivers twice the break strength of ordinary glass.

A Schott ZWIESEL wine glass is very likely to survive a toppling accident during dining or even dropping during back of house glass management.

Invest in Schott ZWIESEL stemware for a longer service life

But, don’t take our word for it

Watch this Schott ZWIESEL Bouncing Wine Glass Video.

Then, take up our offer to evaluate one of our Tritan® Titanium Crystal wine glasses with Tritan® Protect, free for 30days. Your business deserves it.

Contact Schott ZWIESEL UK today for your sample of the Best Wine Glass in the World - now with Tritan® Protect.