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For more than a century, Schott Zwiesel has consistently invested in its glass production process,
in order to produce the best wine glasses in the world.

Schott Zwiesel UK is exclusively represented by ADIT of Matlock, Derbyshire.

Because Schott Zwiesel is the glass of the Professional, we sell business to business,
supplying the UK’s leading contract caterers, hotels, restaurants, cater-hire businesses,
select catering distributors & specialist retailers.

Schott Zwiesel UK - Heritage

ADIT exclusively represents Schott Zwiesel UK for these reasons:

Zwiesel wine glasses are used by leading hospitality professionals
in more than 40 countries, including the UK.

The people who specify our stem glasses and barware are the entrepreneurs,
Sommeliers, Mixologists and Chefs developing new and exciting fine dining experiences.

These hospitality authorities recognise that Schott Zwiesel wine glasses & barware are integral
to the culinary experience offered to their public.

• Schott Zwiesel quality contributes to the unconscious, positive perceptions of guests

• Schott Zwiesel design enhances a guest’s experience of wines, beers or spirits (aroma, taste & presentation)

• Schott Zwiesel durability delivers a business excellent value for money through an extended service life & easier maintenance

Wine Glasses Developed with Professionals for Professionals

Schott Zwiesel glasses are developed in co-operation with Sommeliers, Mixologists, bar professionals
and Food & Beverage Managers. We listen to and innovate to meet their needs.

For example, in the UK, at the request of users
the popular Bar Basic range has been extended with Whisky glasses & flasks.

These Whisky appreciation glasses are available as tumblers or stems to suit
the different needs of bar & tasting events.

Schott Zwiesel Quality Delivers Lifetime Value for Money

Quality Control
Unlike many “manufacturers”, Schott Zwiesel, owns its production facilities and
can manage consistent production quality.

This is one reason why the Schott Zwiesel brand can deliver
glassware with market leading durability & length of service.

A Schott Zwiesel glass is always the same shape, height and quality.

Each glass carries a discrete logo that encodes the production
batch number and date. Our technical research facility offers forensic analysis
that can explain why an individual glass failed and the probable reasons.

Providing (back of house) our glasses are washed, stored and handled
as we recommend, we can guarantee you will enjoy value for money through
easier maintenance and a longer service life per Schott Zwiesel glass.

Functional Design
Schott Zwiesel is committed to new, distinctive, yet practical designs.

A Schott Zwiesel wine glass is always well-balanced on the table, during 
the pour and in your guest's hand.

Design influences a guest's enjoyment.

For example, the shape of the bowl in the PURE range is designed to help
unlock aroma as the wine is poured.

It also enables guests to gently swirl their drink without fear of splashing.

The DIVA range has the unique & innovative, pinched convex stem.
This will be immediately noticed by the drinker and invites the glass to be
lifted and considered against the light.

Innovation to Improve Performance in Commercial Hospitality
Schott Zwiesel, consistently invests in innovative technology, designed to
help restaurateurs satisfy their guests and reduce glass breakage.

We are the only manufacturer with a patented, fine, crystal glass formulated
for commercial hospitality. Our durable, Titanium Tritan® Crystal glass is
40% stronger than old-fashioned crystal glass.

Cool LAVA is a Schott Zwiesel process that uses laser light to produce fine,
polished rims for our glasses. The rims on our glasses are soft to the drinker's lips,
easily cleaned and resistant to chipping. 

Many of our wine ranges now benefit from the Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Protect®
permanent stem tempering process. This delivers hospitality professionals a glass
with twice the stem break strength compared to un-treated glass.

Here’s why Tritan® Titanium Crystal Glass offers hospitality professionals value for money:

  • Sustainable production in our Eco-factory at Zwiesel Spa
  • More durable than ordinary crystal glass
  • Light in weight, yet tough in resisting scratching
  • Superior chip and break resistance at the rim
  • Natural brilliance and clarity
  • Requires little or no polishing, even in hard water areas
  • Market-leading dishwasher resistance
  • Resists clouding out to c3,000 dishwasher cycles & beyond

And when its long service life ends you can safely recycle a Schott Zwiesel glass,
that's because, unlike old-fashioned crystal, TRITAN® Titanium Crystal contains
no harmful residues of Lead or Barium.

Schott Zwiesel UK – Reliable Support & Service

At ADIT Schott Zwiesel UK, we take pride in the elegant durability of the stem, 
bar and cocktail glasses we sell.

We add additional value through practical training, advice and support
to ensure our products deliver you a long and faultless service.

We provide solutions to enable impressive presentations of wines, spirits,
cocktails, soft drinks & food.

Here’s our promise to you: We represent the qualities of Schott Zwiesel by:

- Listening to your needs as hospitality professionals
- Providing appropriate samples – tactile examples for you to experience & test
- Visiting you and providing practical advice, before and after stocking

Together we can find a specific answer to your food and drink presentation challenge,
a Schott Zwiesel UK solution for you that is:

• Durable
• Fit for purpose
• Cost effective
• Elegant
• Inviting