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Events & Banqueting | Schott ZWIESEL's Superior Quality Delivers Value

Over a century ago, Schott Zwiesel began its mission to produce the wine glass of the professional.

The guiding vision was to produce a glass that could deliver

both high durability AND enjoyment for gueats.

Today, design – function – durability & lifetime value for money are still
the guiding principles behind Schott Zwiesel manufacturing excellence.

Schott Zwiesel Quality Events Glasses


The Commercial Benefits of Schott Zwiesel Events Glasses

Tritan® Crystal – Market Leading Durability
Schott Zwiesel is the only wine glass manufacturer with a patented Crystal Glass formula.

  • 40% tougher than ordinary crystal glass
  • Scratch resistant & easy to polish
  • Highly dishwasher resistant
  • Lightweight for easier stewarding

Tritan® Crystal is Titanium Crystal glass.
Ordinary glass is alloyed with the rare earth metals Titanium & Zirconium and transformed into Titanium Crystal.

Titanium is used in advanced jet engines for its lightness & toughness. These same qualities are found in a Schott Zwiesel wine glass.

Tritan® Titanium Crystal is:

• Completely Lead & Barium Free (can be recycled)
• Light in weight
• Does not cloud in a dishwasher
• Repels Limescale
• Professional dishwasher resistant to 3000 plus cycles

Functional Elegance
Schott Zwiesel’s EGON quality control process delivers the drinker a wine glass
with a smooth bowl, stem & base. No rough bits, seams or mishapes to worry
the user while drinking.

Plus, a wide choice of classic or contemporary designs
delivering a Tritan® Crystal wine glass that is:

• Decorative but functional
• Secure on its base
• Balanced in the hand
• with Diamond-like brilliance
• Superior Clarity
• A pleasure to hold
• For enhanced table settings and the improved display of wine, Champagne, cocktails and beers

Controlled Sparkle via Effervescence Point
Schott Zwiesel, help preserve the sparkle of Champagne, Prosecco & Mineral water.
The same technology helps maintain a head on beers.

A microscopic, laser-etched, effervescence point ensures one stream
of bubbles from the lowest point in the glass.

• Improves the presentation of sparkling wines & mineral water
• Preserves the head on beer & lager
• Helps sparkle persist through pour – serve - consumption

Laser Cut & Tempered Rims
A Schott Zwiesel wine glass has a smooth lip unlike the noticeable rolled lip of an ordinary glass.

This is achieved by laser precision cutting rather than a manual clipper.

Schott Zwiesel wine glass bowl rims

• Reduce the chance of dribbles while drinking
• Do not trap grease or lipstick
• Make glasses easier to clean
• Laser-tempered rims are chip resistant
• For reduced breakage while racking/cleaning/moving

UV Badging
Schott Zwiesel is able to offer an in-production line badging service.
This avoids re-heating a glass which can weaken it.

Instead a badge or logo is applied using UV light.
The resin inks used are long-lasting & dishwasher safe.

Schott Zwiesel Eco-profile

Schott Zwiesel’s factory makes use of 21st Century technology.
Energy consumption has been reduced by 30%.

No Lead or Barium is used in manufacture polluting the environment.
That also means a Schott Zwiesel Titanium Crystal glass can
be safely re-cycled.

Schott Zwiesel meets these International Standards for sustainable manufacture:

ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 14001:2004 | ISO 14040:2009 | ISO 14044:2006

Schott Zwiesel Quality Guaranteed

Examine the foot of a Schott Zwiesel glass and you will see a tiny,
discrete logo on the foot plate.

This is laser etched and encoded with production details.

Use a Schott Zwiesel wine glass as recommended to ensure a long service life.
However, if any of our glasses fail for unusual reasons we provide a forensic
investigation service that can determine how/why a glass failed.

Only a genuine Schott Zwiesel Events glass bears this maker’s quality mark.