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SCHOTT ZWIESEL Tritan® Crystal Glass

Schott Zwiesel Modern Eco-efficient Factory

For over a century, Schott Zwiesel has pursued innovation in wine glass production intended for use in fine dining and the appreciation of wine.

In 1996, in order to continue developing the best wine glasses in the world, Schott Zwiesel developed and patented a new form of Crystal glass – Tritan®, subsequently designing a new, state of the art, factory to produce it.


What is Tritan® Crystal Glass?

Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Crystal Glass Patent

Tritan® Crystal Glass is Titanium Crystal Glass. This is the only patented formulation of Crystal glass in the world.

Schott Zwiesel rejected the old-fashioned use of the toxic metals Lead and Barium, substituting instead the inert, rare earth metal Titanium.

Titanium alloys are prized wherever a light-weight, strong and stress resistant material is required.

Hospitality Benefits of Tritan® Crystal

The prized qualities of Titanium give Tritan® Crystal Glass similar useful properties in a hospitality setting:

• Light weight & scratch resistance
• Strength – 40% stronger than old-fashioned Lead Crystal*
• Lifetime dishwasher resistance to 3,000 cycles & beyond**
• Lifetime clarity - Tritan glass will not cloud or develop salt burns
• A brilliant, permanent shine
• Superb clarity
• Completely Lead & Barium Free (can be recycled)

Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Crystal Glass with TRITAN Protect

*Twice the break strength with Tritan Protect®
**In a professional dishwasher

These qualities of Tritan® Crystal glass are of obvious benefit in the back of house cleaning, storage and movement of wine glasses.

Continuing Innovation for Better Wine Glass Longevity

Schott Zwiesel is committed to continuous innovation. Since developing Tritan® Titanium Crystal, the company has introduced additional incremental benefits, not matched by other manufacturers:

• Laser cut, polished & tempered rims for improved chip resistance
• EGON seam-free manufacture – no unsightly seams, joins or ridges – that could weaken the wine glass
• Tritan Protect® another patented innovation to double the strength of wine glass stems

These incremental developments mean that a wine glass manufactured with Tritan® Crystal Glass and Tritan Protect® has twice the break strength of ordinary Crystal Glass.

Designed for Enhancing & Enjoying Wine

At Schott Zwiesel UK, we never forget that a wine glass is an elegant tool for the enhancement & enjoyment of wine.

So, we combine technological innovation, design and feed-back from hospitality professionals in order to create the best wine glass we can.

A Schott Zwiesel wine glass range offers a choice of bowls to suit different types of wine and different situations: Full-bodied reds, Rosé, Sparkling wines & Champagne, fruity or acidic whites and dessert wine.

Each of our wine glass bowls is designed to develop the aroma & taste of wine. They are also perfectly proportioned to enable the drinker to swirl the wine without fear of spillage.

A Schott Zwiesel wine glass is balanced in the hand.

It is also stable on its foot at pour and throughout consumption.

Only genuine Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are stamped with our discrete, semi-transparent maker’s mark to guarantee our quality of manufacture.

Why Schott Zwiesel Tritan® Glass is the Choice of The Professional

Across the globe, more than 3,000 hospitality businesses & events trust Schott Zwiesel Tritan® wine glasses.

These catering professionals and opinion formers include: wine-makers, wine experts, professional bodies, leading wine competitions, sommeliers, caterers, hoteliers and restaurateurs.

These leaders in hospitality appreciate Schott Zwiesel wine glasses for their:

• Elegant forms
• Choice of bowls to suit different types & styles of wine
• Variable stem heights for different serving situations
• Generous bowls that develop aroma & enable wine to swirl
• Balance in the hand
• Stability during pour, serve & consumption

But, as hospitality professionals, they also understand the economy of investing in a Schott Zwiesel Tritan® Crystal glass:

• Reduced breakage
• Easier cleaning
• Longer service life

That is why, Schott Zwiesel UK, can justifiably make the claim that a Tritan® Crystal wine glass is the glass of the professional.

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