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NEW - Schott Zwiesel | Tableware Solutions

Red | White | Champagne | Water

Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Protect Permanent Stem Tempering  Download a PDF document of this page

See all 2017 releases in the downloadble PDF above.

New FIESTA Schott Zwiesel | Entry Level | Restaurant & Events Glass Range

Large Bordeaux | Burgundy | All Round Red | White | Champagne

Schott Zwiesel FIESTA Drawn Spun Events Glasses

FIESTA glasses are made with Schott Zwiesel's Drawn Spun Stem technology.

A one piece glass with mouth blown looks BUT competitive, machine-made prices. 


New FINESSE Schott Zwiesel Drinker's Delight Eye-view Cut-glass

Burgundy | Large Bordeaux | All Round Red | Champagne | Full-bodied White | White | Water

Schott Zwiesel FINESSE Soleil Cut-Glass

The award-winning, Schott Zwiesel FINESSE range is now complemented with three

contemporary cut-glass designs - ETOILE | FLEUR | & SOLEIL shown here. See PDF for all 3 ranges. 


New FINESSE Cuts | Drinker's Delight Eye-view Cut-Glass 

The image below shows the side (stem) view of the FINESSE ETOILE cut.
Central image shows the drinker's eye view of all 3 cuts: Soleil | Etoile | Fleur

Schott Zwiesel Cut-glass Stem Drinker's Experience


New FRESCA Schott Zwiesel | Entry Level Carafe Range 100ml to 1L

Four competitively priced carafes 100ml to 1L complement the original Schott Zwiesel FRESCA Carafe

Schott Zwiesel FRESCA Carafes