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JENAER GLAS User Information & Care Instruction

Jenaer GlasSince 1918 JENAER GLAS has stood for innovative, functional design combined with a material – Borosilicate glass - that is heat resistant to 450°C and chill resistant down to -35°C.

This material endurance means a vessel made of Borosilicate glass can be used to prepare, cook, stand, chill and serve a wide variety of foods and beverages.

JENAER GLAS is the original fridge to table or oven to tableware.

Users should note that sudden, drastic changes in temperature, eg from hot stove to cold refrigerator will damage the glass.

JENAER Borosilicate glass is:

• Suitable for use in conventional, microwave and microwave grill ovens
• Suitable for use on conventional hobs, ceramic hobs & Aga cookers (see care instructions below)*
• Dishwasher-resistant
• No-pore surface for easy cleaning
• Does not harbour odours
• Inert – does not give off substances - so ideal for allergy-sufferers
• Does not discolour
• Durable & light weight

*Sorry not suitable for induction hobs

These qualities make a JENAER Borosilicate glass vessel ideal for preparing, baking, storing and serving different food and beverages.

JENAER GLAS Care Instructions

Avoid breakage & possible injury through

• Sudden, drastic temperature changes, e.g. from hot stove to refrigerator
• Sudden quenching or cooling of the glass eg in cold water
• Do not add cold liquids to hot glassware
• Never place hot glassware on cold and/or wet surfaces


• Heat the glass evenly and never without content
• Warm up the heating source and the glass container together
• Ensure the hot plate or the glass/ceramic cooktop is not smaller than the base of the glassware. Glass may break if unevenly heated up

We recommend

• A flame distributor when used on a gas ring. Glass may break if unevenly heated up
• Liquid content is best heated gradually on hobs, hot plates or glass/ceramic cooktops or gas rings
• Microwaved liquid content should be stirred between heating pulses & before serving to blend the heated liquid and avoid hot spots
• During cooking, only add warmed liquids to hot glass
• When pouring from pots and jugs, always secure the lid
• Handle hot containers with a heat resistant oven cloth or mitten

Care Instructions

• JENAER GLAS products can be cleaned with ordinary washing up liquid or dishwasher detergent
• Never use rough or abrasive cleaners or scouring sponges made of plastic, natural materials or steel wool
• Abrasive cleaners may damage the glass surface and thus change the thermal qualities of the glass
• Do not use glass containers if they are damaged. There is risk of injury!

For supplementary materials:

Some JENAER GLAS products have been combined with other materials.

Please observe the following rules:

• For double-walled items observe the instructions for use in the product leaflet and on the original JENAER GLAS packaging
• Metal accessories cannot be used in a microwave oven
• Never put wood in a microwave oven, conventional oven or dishwasher
• Protect wood from moisture

Please also note the instructions for use supplied by your cooking or dish-washing appliance manufacturer

For pot warming stands:

• Never leave the candle burning in the warming stand without supervision. Risk of fire
• Keep away from children
• Do not place the warming stand on surfaces sensitive to heat
• Only use tea candles manufactured with metal container shells