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Food Storage & Presentation | Edition Wilhelm Wagenfeld | Chocolate, Coffee & Tea Service

Download a PDF CatalogueThe qualities of Borosilicate glass make JENAER GLAS products
ideal for food storage, oven to tableware & fridge to tableware service.

Jenaer GlasJENAER GLAS also embraces innovative,
functional design.

This is the home Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s masterpiece of
20th Century industrial design, the Wagenfeld tea service.


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Jenaer Glas Food Storage  Jenaer Glas Tea Service  Jenaer Glas Coffee Service  Jenaer Glas Juice

Here, too, you will find the adaptable Wagenfeld coddler with which you may
present anything from a simple egg to a soufflé.

Dr Otto Schott invented Borosilicate glass.
It is heat resistant to 450*C and chill resistant to -35*C.

And, since its surface has no microscopic flaws,
Borosilicate glass does not stain or acquire odours.

It’s exceptionally light & dishwasher resistant, too.

JENAER GLAS Beverage presentation 
Wagenfeld Tea Service 
JENAER GLAS Tea Service sets
Coffee Service Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino & Macchiato cups & saucers 
Water and juice service

Food Storage, preparation & service
Salad presentation
Hot’n Cool INSULATED food & drink presentation
Cucina oven to tableware 
Wagenfeld Coddlers

Jenaer Glas Care Information


There’s a JENAER GLAS beverage glass to suit any time of the day from
breakfast, morning coffee through to afternoon tea service.

Plus, there are innovative oven to table and fridge to tableware
solutions for food presentation & service.