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Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™ Patterns | Inspiring Durability

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Fortessa Tabelware Solutions

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™ patterns are hard-wearing, US-designed vitrified china. 
Designed for Brasseries, Ethnic restaurants & Bistros, this modern china has excellent chip resistance,
an exceptionally hard glaze & a dry foot (to avoid black stacking marks).

Naturally, this product is dishwasher resistant to deliver years of reliable service.

This page gives access to the range of Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram china patterns including dinnerware, chef's plates & bowls,
pasta & soup bowls, pizza plates, shaped plates for steak or fish, cups & mugs, serveware pieces & accessories.

Fortessa® D&V vitrified china provides a complete, cost-effective solution for food service in bistros & at catering events.

All items can be under-glaze decorated or badged. For more information about Fortessa TechnoCeram click here

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Fortessa Alena D&V TechnoCeram Dinnerware   Fortessa D&V Coupe du Jour Dinnerware   Fortessa D&V Serena Dinnerware TechnoCeram  Fortessa Tuto Pattern TechnoCeram

Fortessa D&V Spice Cayenne TechnoCeram  Fortessa D&V Spice Corriander Dinner & Serveware  Fortessa D&V Spice Saffron Dinnerware TechnoCeram Fortessa D&V Noir Dinner & Serveware  


Fortessa D&V Bowls & Pasta TechnCeram  Fortessa D&V Pizza TechnoCeram  Fortessa D&V Steak & Fish Plates  Fortessa D&V Serveware TechnoCeram  

Fortessa D&V TechnoCeram Accessories  Fortessa Asian Serveware D&V TechnoCeram  Fortessa D&V Tea & Coffee Service TechnoCeram  

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The Qualities of Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™  Vitrified China 

Fortessa® Design & Value Technoceram™ china combines US-design & technical know-how.

D&V TechnoCeram™ is a vitrified china reinforced with alumina oxide & coated with ultra-hard, Fortessa proprietary glaze.

Designed for Brasseries, Ethnic restaurants & Bistros, this technical development delivers china with

  • Excellent chip resistance
  • High edge strength
  • Brilliant non-scratch glaze
  • Stackable 
  • A dry foot (to avoid stacking wear marks)
  • 100% dishwasher resistant

The secret of manufacture is in the use of alumina oxide to deliver both strength and a clear white biscuit.

Fortessa's proprietary glaze is designed to merge with the vitrified biscuit base, to deliver a finish that is chip
resistant & retains lustre over many years.

Fortessa® has invested in technology to ensure that permanent, underglaze decoration, for example a logo,
remains sharp after the glaze firing.

Fortessa® Design & Value Technoceram™ china will deliver your business years of trouble-free, durable service.

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