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Fortessa® Steelforme® Buffet & Table Service Display Solutions

Durable Brushed Stainless Steel With PVD Colour Options

Buffet & Table Service Display Solutions | Risers | Shelves | Containers & Baskets | Signage

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsUS-designed, Fortessa® Steelforme® buffet & table service display solutions are
manufactured in hygienic stainless steel with a pleasing & durable brushed finish.

Available in natural, brushed stainless steel or permanent PVD colours: Black, Gold & Rose Gold.

Fortessa® Steelforme® creates display items that are both elegant & tough. Glass shelves are made from safe, tempered glass.

  • Elegant | Light weight | Load bearing | Scratch resistant | Washable* 

*smaller items can be washed in a dishwasher

For more information about Fortessa® Steelforme® & PVD Colours click here

Fortessa® Steelforme® Buffet Display | Image 1 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme Buffet Display Solutions 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 2 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme Display Solutions Range 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Table Service Display | Image 3 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme Food Display Options 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Buffet & Table Service Display | Image 4 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme Food Trays 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 5 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 5 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 6 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 6 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 7 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 7 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 8 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 8 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 9 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 9 


Fortessa® Steelforme® Displayware Range | Image 10 of 10

Fortessa Steelforme 10 

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The Qualities of Fortessa® Steelforme® Buffet & Table Service Display Solutions

Fortessa® Steelforme® combines US-design & technical know-how.

Steelforme® is manufactured from stainless steel & tempered glass which is ideal for food displays being:

  • Lightweight
  • Load bearing
  • Washable

It can also be formed into unusual shapes in the manner of origami.

Steelforme® is available in 4 finishes: Natural brushed stainless steel & 3 PVD Colour ways: Black, Gold & Rose Gold.

Brushed stainless steel gives items a pleasing lustre & permanent texture.

PVD colour is a modern form of electro-plating that produces stunning colours.
The brushed texture of the stainless steel helps preserve both the lustre and permanence of the finish.  

Fortessa® Steelforme® buffet & table service display solutions will deliver your business years of robust service & superior presentation.

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