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Fortessa® Steak Knives | Forged Stainless Steel

Pattern (Range) Steak Knives | US-style | South American-style | Laguiole-style

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsThis page gives access to the range of US-designed Fortessa® steak knives.

With the exception of Ranchero, all these speciality knives use a full-tang construction
(blade and handle are one unit).

This helps users to cut meat with ease & delivers your business years of faultless service.

The majority of these knives use man-made materials for the handle. Dishwasher resistant
A few Provencal steak knives have fine grained, hard wood handles & require washing by hand.

  • Serrated or non-serrated blades | Dishwasher resistant

Click or touch an image below to see a range.

Steak Knives Matching Fortessa Cutlery Patterns  Fortessa Ciop Steak Knives  Fortessa Forged Steak Knives  

Fortessa Lexington Steak Knives  Fortessa Prime-cut Steak Knife  Fortessa Provencal (Laguioule-style) Steak Knives  

Fortessa Ranchero Steak Knives  Fortessa Vaquero Steak Knives  Fortessa Design & Value Steak Knives  

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