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Fortessa® Spice | TechnoCeram™ Vitrified China

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Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® Spice TechnoCeram™ vitrified china delivers inspiring dependability over years of service.
Range currently features Warm Cayenne & Saffron & the cooler Cilantro (Corriander).

For mushroom & pale blue see the matching Earthe range. For plain white see the matching Coupe du Jour range
and for black see the matching Noir range 

This durable rustic china is created using alumina oxide & Fortessa proprietary glazes. 
The result is a rustic china with high edge strength that resists chipping. A polished, dry foot to prevent stacking marks.

  • Superior quality rustic Brasserie ware | Scratch & chip resistant | Resists Stacking marks | Dishwasher resistant 

Fortessa® Spice Patterns | Image 1 of 5

Fortessa D&V Spice Patterns 


Fortessa® Spice Saffron TechnoCeram™ Vitrified China Range | Image 2 of 5 

Fortessa Saffron Rustic Ware 



Fortessa® Spice Cayenne TechnoCeram™ Vitrified China Range | Image 3 of 5 

Fortessa Cayenne Rustic Ware 



Fortessa® Spice Corriander TechnoCeram™ Vitrified China Range | Image 4 of 5 

Fortessa Corriander Rustic Ware 



Fortessa® Spice TechnoCeram™ Vitrified China Ranges - Serveware 3 | Image 5 of 5 

Fortessa Spice Rustic Ware Mood Shot 

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