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Fortessa®  Steak Knives | Full-tang | Serrated & Non-serrated

Speciality Steak Knives | Serrated or Non-serrated | Full tang manufacture | Dishwasher Resistant

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® steak knives are US-designed & crafted from the highest quality stainless steel.

Each style is available with serrated or non-serrated blades.


As you would expect with modern production methods, the un-serrated blade retains a keen edge for long periods of use.

  • Each design uses full tang construction. The blade and handle are one unit, providing a stable and easy cutting action.

Ciop has anti-slip inserts on the handle to aid grip.
Handles are glued with rivet posts. The high quality plastics used in construction are dishwasher resistant.

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Fortessa Forged Steak Knives



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