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Fortessa® Gourmet Tasting Plates | Fortaluxe® SuperWhite®

Porcelain Colour-coded to Fine Bone China

Gourmet Tasting, Sampling & Sharing Plates & Platters

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® Gourmet in Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® - a modern porcelain
colour-coded to fine bone china.

This porcelain is fortified with alumina or magnesium oxide to deliver the
pure white lustre of bone china at less cost.

The result is a medium-weight, white china with robust durability that can be cast into many shapes.

  • Superior quality porcelain china | Pure white | Durable | Dishwasher Resistant

Fortessa® Gourmet Pattern Service | Image 1 of 1

Fortessa Gourmet Tasting Plates Fortaluxe SuperWhite 

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