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Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® Patterns

Porcelain Colour-coded to Fine Bone China

Dinnerware | Chef's Plates, Bowls & Dishes | Asian Serveware | Sushi Serveware | Accessories

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsUS-designed, Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® patterns are
manufactured in a modern, robust porcelain.

However, unlike the bluish-grey of old-fashoned German porcelain,
this Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® is colour-coded to the pure white lustre of fine bone china.

This enables Fortessa® to create large and/or complex pieces economically - ideal for showcase
items like Chefs' plates, platters or dishes.

And for the subtle presentation of seafood, fish, asian-fusion food & Japanese sushi.

Naturally, this product is both scratch & dishwasher resistant to deliver years of reliable service.
All items can be under-glaze decorated or badged. For more information about Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® click here

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Fortessa Caldera FSW Dinnerware  Fortessa Cassia FSW Porcelain Rim Dinnerware  Fortessa Evita FSW Dinnerware  Fortessa Ilona Fortaluxe SuperWhite Dinnerware  

Fortessa Fiji Fish & Seafood Serveware  Fortessa Kyoto Sushi Porcelain Serveware  Fortessa Sushi FSW Porcelain Serveware  Fortessa Pagoda Serveware  

Fortessa Stilus Dishes & Bowls  Fortessa Shapes FSW Chefs' Plates  Fortessa Petals Serveware  Fortessa Voro Porcelain Chefs' Plates  

Fortessa Ojo Chefs' Plates  Fortessa Palazzo Chefs' Serveware  Fortessa Plaza Serveware  Fortessa Tavola Dishes, Underliners & Platters  

Fortessa FSW Cocktail Pass Plates  Fortessa Coupe de Fortaluxe SuperWhite  Fortessa FSW Porcelain Gourmet Tasting Plates  Fortessa Portela FSW Porcelain Dishes & Platters  

Accentz Bowls  Fortessa Tete de Lion Porcelain Serveware  Fortaluxe SuperWhite Porcelain Accessories  Fortaluxe SuperWhite Oven to Table Basics  

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The Qualities of Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® Porcelain

Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® porcelain combines US-design & technical know-how.

Fortessa is able to create porcelain with the same pure white lustre of fine bone china
through the proprietary use of alumina oxide, magnesium oxide & specially formulated glazes.

The vitrified, un-glazed "biscuit" produced by the Fortaluxe SuperWhite production process
has excellent reflective qualities delivering the pure white found in fine bone china.

The Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® production process enables the design of large or unusually shaped serveware
& chefs' plates at affordable prices (compared to fine bone china).

These pieces have the following desirable qualities for commercial hospitality:

- Resistant to metalware scratching
- Enhanced impact/edge chip resistance
- And colour-coding to fine bone china
- At less cost

Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite® porcelain china will deliver your business years of robust service & superior presentation

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