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Fortessa® Fine Bone China Patterns | Outstanding Edge Resistance

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Fortessa Tabelware Solutions

Fortessa® fine bone china patterns are US-designed & crafted from the highest quality bone china. 
This fine china has outstanding edge resistance, an exceptionally hard glaze and polished feet (to avoid stacking marks).

Naturally, this product is dishwasher resistant to deliver years of faithful service.

This page gives access to the range of Fortessa® fine bone china patterns including dinnerware, chef's plates, pasta bowls,
tea & coffee services and a wide range of matching serveware accessories.

Fortessa® fine china provides a complete solution for the presentation of food in restaurants & at catering events.

All items can be under-glaze decorated. For more information about Fortessa Fine Bone China click here

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Fortessa Andromeda Fine Bone China  Fortessa Cielo Fine Bone China  Fortessa Cygna Fine China  Fortessa Luna Fine Bone China Pattern & Range  

Fortessa Oceana FBC  Fortessa Opal Coupe Fine Bone China Pattern  Fortessa Purio Coupe fine bone china  Fortessa Saterna Bone China  

Fortessa Spirale Bone China Chef's Plates  Fortessa Taura Bone China  Fortessa Fine Bone China Tea & Coffee Services  Fortessa Fine Bone China Matching Accessories  

New releases:

Abigail  |  Aires  |  Corsica & Savannah  |  Jasmine 

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The Qualities of Fortessa Fine Bone China

Fortessa® fine bone china combines US-design with English technical know-how.

Our manufacture uses the original, classic English recipe of 2 parts bone ash, 1 part feldspathic rock
& 1 part china clay, plus additional ingredients to help fuse decoration (if any) & the final over glaze.

These materials are mixed together to create the base material (soft-paste) for a piece of Fortessa fine china.

The first or biscuit firing is carried out at extreme temperature of between 1200C-1300C.
This causes the body ingredients (50% ash, 50% rock & clay) to vitrify or fuse together.
The result is a piece of bone white china that is waterproof (known as biscuit).

At this stage, decoration can be added to the bone white biscuit.

Finally, a Fortessa formula, clear, protective glaze is applied. The bone china is subjected to
a second glost (or glaze) firing at a temperature between 1000C-1100C. Biscuit, decoration &
final glaze fuse into one permanent piece of fine china.

Fortessa® has invested in technology to ensure that underglaze decoration remains sharp.

Fortessa fine bone china offers the discerning restaurateur the following aesthetic & commercial qualities:

Front of House Benefits

  • Exceptionally white
  • Bright & sharp detail (where decoration applied)
  • Light in weight
  • Translucent

Kitchen / Back of House Benefits

  • Excellent break resistance
  • Stackable (with non-scratch footings)
  • Permanent under-glaze decoration
  • Brilliant non-scratch glaze
  • Impact resistant edges
  • 100% dishwasher-safe

Trust Fortessa® fine bone china to deliver your business years of faithful service.

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