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Fortessa®  Cutlery Accessories | Stainless Steel 

Cutlery rest | Salt & pepper caddy cruet set | Dipping dish | Butter dishes | Tea/Coffee tray

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® cutlery accessories are crafted from superior quality stainless steel.

Designed to complement the Fortessa cutlery ranges.


  • Superior quality 18/10 stainless steel | Permanent brilliance | Dishwasher Resistant

Fortessa® Cutlery Accessories | Image 1 of 1

Fortessa Cutlery Accessories


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Fortessa® Design & Value® Flatware Rest

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa Design & Value

Fortessa® Design & Value® cutlery accessories are US-designed & manufactured from durable stainless steel.

See the D&V® flatware rest in the image below.

  • Quality stainless steel | Dishwasher resistant

Fortessa® Design & Value® Cutlery Rest | Image 1 of 1

Fortessa D&V Steak Knives


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