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Fortessa®  Chefs’ Tasting & Appetiser Spoons | China & Stainless Steel

Tasting spoons | Appetiser spoons | amuse-bouche spoons | Ladle | Rest
Bowl | Tapas spoon | Sharing spoon

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® chefs’ tasting & appetiser spoons are manufactured from pure white china or durable stainless steel.

These items can be used in exhibitions or competitions for tasting & sampling.

At table service they provide the means to perfectly present amuse-bouches & other appetisers.

These & other Fortessa cutlery provide spoons & forks for sharing food while dining (including Tapas spoons).

Fortessa® Chef's Tasting & Appetiser Spoons | Image 1 of 2

Fortessa Chefs' Tasting & Amuse Bouche Spoons


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Fortessa® Chef's Tasting & Appetiser Spoons | Image 2 of 2

Fortessa Tapas & Sharing Spoons


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