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Fortessa® Cassolettes & Underliners | Cast Iron & Cast Aluminium

Individual Portion | Casserole & Lid | Pans | Bakers | Escargot Dish | Wooden Underliners & Boards

Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® Cassolettes offer contemporary North-American style & know-how.

These classic designs are manufactured in traditional cast iron or lighter weight & more durable aluminium.
Underliners are manufactured in close grained, hard bamboo.

The pieces are finished as traditional black iron. 

  • Traditional cast iron | Modern cast aluminium (lighter weight, break & chip resistant) | Dishwasher resistant
  • Close-grained bamboo underliners (hand wash) 

Fortessa® Fortalite™ Cassolettes Cast Aluminium | Image 1 of 5

Fortessa Cassolettes 


Fortessa® Fortalite™ Cassolettes Cast Aluminium with Bamboo Underliners | Image 2 of 5

Fortessa Fortalite Cassolettes 


Fortessa® Bamboo Boards for Fortalite™ Cassolettes | Image 3 of 5

Fortessa Cassolettes Wooden Underliners 


Fortessa® Cast Iron Cassolettes | Image 4 of 5

Fortessa Fortalite Cast Iron Cassolettes 


Fortessa® Cast Iron Pans & Bakers and Ceramic Underliners & Trays | Image 5 of 5

Fortessa Cast Iron Cassolettes Range 


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