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Fortessa® Serveware & Bread Baskets | Stainless Steel

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Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® Baskets offer contemporary North-American style.

These contemporary designs are manufactured in hygienic & durable stainless steel.
Crumb liners are manufactured in food grade PET plastic.

Some pieces are permanently, self-coloured in copper or black iron using the modern PVD electro-playing technique.
There are also chrome bread baskets. 

  •   Superior quality stainless steel | Permanent PVD Coatings | Dishwasher resistant 

Fortessa® Metal Baskets Stainless Steel & Electro-plated Colours | Image 1 of 5

Fortessa Baskets 


Fortessa® Baskets Stainless Steel & Black Iron PVD Electro-plating | Image 2 of 5

Fortessa Serveware Baskets 


Fortessa® Baskets in Copper or Black Iron PVD Electro-plated Finishes | Image 3 of 5

Fortessa Serveware French Fry & Napkin Holders 


Fortessa® Food Quality PET Plastic Crumb Liners | Image 4 of 5

Fortessa Baskets & Liners 


Fortessa® Bread & Roll Baskets Stainless Steel & Chrome | Image 5 of 5

Fortessa Bread Baskets 


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