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Fortessa® Asian Serveware Accessories | TechnoCeramâ„¢ Vitrified China

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Fortessa Tabelware SolutionsFortessa® Asian Serveware TechnoCeramâ„¢ vitrified china delivers inspiring dependability over years of service.

This durable china is created using alumina oxide & Fortessa proprietary glazes. 
The result is a china with high edge strength that resists chipping. A polished, dry foot to prevent stacking marks.

  • Superior quality ware | Scratch & chip resistant | Resists Stacking marks | Dishwasher resistant 

Fortessa® Asian Serveware Pattern | Image 1 of 2

Fortessa Asian Serveware 


Fortessa® Asian Serveware TechnoCeramâ„¢ Vitrified China Range | Image 2 of 2 

Fortessa Asian Serveware Range 

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