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Press Release July 2008

Getting satisfaction from a Glass 

It has been independently verified, Zwiesel Kristallglas AG produce the best crystal glass in the world when it comes to dishwasher resistance. Their Schott Zwiesel brand is the market leader among the world’s top international hotels and for those in the know, is recognised as a leader in wine expertise.

Founded in 1872, Zwiesel Kristallglas initially manufactured stained glass windows, and to this day many cathedrals in the Americas feature their glass. However, in 1924 they commenced production of wine and bar glasses and have never looked back!

In 1960, as part of the Bauhaus movement, Zwiesel introduced the first automated production line for crystal stemware and launched the Neckar range. Neckar went on to become the best selling range of crystal stemware in history, see the Guiness Book of Records. Since then, Zwiesel has led the market in innovation. Today their manufacturing plant is the most advanced crystal glass production facility in the world. They also lead in technology, having developed tritan® titanium crystal; the most durable, clearest and brilliant crystal glass available.

Quality & Expertise

Zwiesel Kristallglas don’t just lead in technology. The skills developed by glassworkers through the centuries are still practised and marketed under the brand name Zwiesel 1872. So you can access classic sommelier ranges like Enoteca, in mouthblown titanium crystal.

Zwiesel’s expertise with wine is second to none. Their glasses are developed in co-operation with sommeliers and bar professionals and contain unique features, such as laser etched effervescent points in the champagne flutes. Schott Zwiesel glasses are exclusively used by the International Wine Challenge, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and International Spirits Challenge.

So why do most people only know about their rival Riedel? Zwiesel, unlike their rival, is a genuine manufacturer: "Zwiesel manufacture all of their own stem and barware," advised Ian Bailey, "and historically invested their time and effort in improving the quality and technology behind their product."

A Refreshing Approach to Wine

Zwiesel’s expertise on how glasses work with wine is highly developed and refreshingly honest. Over the past 20 years the concept of the best generic glass for wine, has been warped into an extended range, where people are led to believe they need a specific glass for a specific wine.

The experts at Zwiesel claim common sense should warn us this argument lacks credibility.

For example, fine wines have vintages. This means their taste and character will vary from year to year. So how can their be just one glass for a particular fine wine? If you consider grape varieties, will a Chardonnay from Chile, South Africa or Australia taste the same as one from France? Climate and geography will alter the aromas and taste of wines produced from the same grape variety in different parts of the world. So how could they all benefit from the same glass? Finally, the argument there is a specific glass for a specific wine, would ultimately lead to so many glasses, who could remember which one to use or find a place to store them all?

Actual need and practice have been the factors which have driven Zwiesel with regard to glass and wine. Zwiesel prefer to explain how each bowl design affects our perceptions of a wine, then empowered with this knowledge, we can match our glasses to wines, rather than wines to glasses!

This approach is most evident with Schott Zwiesel’s Top Ten range. Possibly the best sommelier tasting range available. Here the glasses are named for full bodied, mature, light and dessert wines. Barrel aged and white spirits etc. "Zwiesel provide the glass names as primary guidelines," said Ian Bailey. "Guidelines, that provide a concept for the type of wine a glass will work with. For example, an unoaked Chardonnay will work well with the mature red wine glass, while an oaked Chardonnay works better with the full bodied white wine glass". Now there is an invitation to experiment and enjoy!

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July 2008
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