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We provide fine dining solutions for the presentation of food and drink.

Press Release April 2008

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG - New Marketing Communications Strategy 2008 

When tritan® crystal was launched in 2002 it set the industry benchmarks for durability, clarity and brilliance. Tritan® crystal’s market leading qualities were initially communicated by conveying the technical innovations behind this breakthrough in crystal glass technology. These communications included data such as the various tests tritan® crystal had been subjected to such as: DIN 52 295 Impact Pendulum Test; DIN 52 321 Rapid Cooling Test; DIN 52 313 Temperature Change Test; Drop Test; Stem Flexural Strength Test.

However, from 2008 a new communications strategy has been launched, focusing on actual customer experience.

"Now the qualities of Schott Zwiesel’s patented tritan® technology have been proved through actual market usage,
the Marketing Team at Zwiesel have decided the publication of comments from customers, will prove a far more
effective way of communicating tritan® crystal’s market leading qualities."

Ian Bailey, Director Adit

The new communications campaign was launched in the UK with the publication of "Appreciation through Perfection. At home in the World’s best hotels." (Code 114881/2008). This lists hundreds of customers and enables just a few, the chance to comment on Zwiesel’s glassware. For the UK, the One-O-One Restaurant in the Sheraton Park Tower Hotel was featured:

"The glassware at One-O-One restaurant has been selected from the Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872 ranges because
of their unique combination of benefits: Sommelier designs and an unrivalled breadth of choice, that enabled us to make
a complete selection with the knowledge, that as we extend our wine and spirit selection, Zwiesel will have the glasses
to support us.

Zwiesel also offered a rare combination of elegance and good design to enhance our table settings
- plus durability for ease of handling."

Alessandro Bonuzzi, Sommelier, One-O-One restaurant. London

Similar praise comes from Germany:

"No where are the demands made of drinking glasses as high as in luxury, gourmet restaurants. Aesthetics are a matter of taste,
but material quality plays a role in profitability. Any compromise by the management is a mistake.

Schott Zwiesel supplies us with both perfect design and optimum durability."

Karl Heinz Hauser, Managing director & Award Winning Chef, Suellberg Hotel & Restaurant, Hamburg

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April 2008
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We provide fine dining solutions for the presentation of food and drink.

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