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Welcome to ADIT (ADI Trading Ltd). We are the exclusive UK representatives of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG (SCHOTT ZWIESEL, ZWIESEL 1872 & JENAER GLAS), and Fortessa® Tableware Solutions.

Schott Zwiesel Independently Recognised World Leader in Crystal Glass Manufacture

Schott Zwiesel’s production quality & technological innovation have been independently recognised, by the German Standards Institute.

The company has been added to the Institute’s 2015 “Lexicon of World Market Leaders” for the manufacture of crystal glass..Read more…>>>

ADIT was founded in 2000 to provide the market leading brands with a unique type of access to the UK market. Once ADIT has selected a brand, its entire range of products is made available to the UK catering and retail trades.

ADI Trading supplies durable, elegant, high quality solutions for fine dining, restaurants, bars & banqueting
We also provide advice and training

We only sell business to business, supplying the UK’s pre-eminent contract caterers, hotels & restaurants via our preferred trade distributors; cater-hire businesses and specialist retailers direct.

If you are researching products for your home, please feel free to browse our range lists then
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SCHOTT ZWIESEL is the brand of the professionals. The global market leader for the supply of high quality crystal stemware and barware.

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SCHOTT ZWIESEL leads the World in crystal glass technology. It is favoured by both sommeliers and bar professionals.

Schott Zwiesel UK  |  Schott Zwiesel Quality & Value  |  Schott Zwiesel Tritan® Crystal Glass 

Both SCHOTT ZWIESEL stemware and SCHOTT ZWIESEL barware is manufactured from TRITAN® crystal glass. This has been the industry benchmark for durability and brilliance since 2002 and has an eco-profile.

Tritan Protect Logo 2013

TRITAN Protect® is a special tempering step in Schott Zwiesel wine glass manufacture.
The process permanently doubles the strength of a wine glass stem.

Find out more about the hospitality benefits of TRITAN Protect® here...>>>

This innovation is now being rolled out across the SCHOTT ZWIESEL range. 

SCHOTT ZWIESEL Stemware | Audience  | Classico  | Congresso  | Convention  |  Fortissimo  |  Mondial  |  Taste

Stemware ranges that benefit from TRITAN Protect®:

Concerto  |  CRU Classic  |  Diva  |  Diva Living  |  Estelle  |  Fine  |  Finesse  |  Grace  |  Pure  |  Pure Loop  |  Viña  |  Vinao

Schott Zwiesel Ranges  Wine Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Champagne Glasses & Flutes by Schott Zwiesel  Champagne Flutes by Schott Zwiesel   

 SCHOTT ZWIESEL Barware  |  10 Degrees Barserie  | Banquet  |  Charles Schumann Basic Bar  |  Bar Special a range of 30 classic bar glasses

Paris Iceberg  |  Spots  |  Spots Neo  |  Tossa  |  Vina Spots  |  Vina Touch  |  Lager glasses  |  Premium Beer glasses

Martini Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Bar Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Speciality Beer & Lager Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Brandy & Spirits Glasses by Schott Zwiesel 

Gin & Tonic Spanish Style by Schott Zwiesel  Whisky Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Vodka Glasses by Schott Zwiesel  Subtle Touches of Colour by Schott Zwiesel 

Decanters & Funnels by Schott Zwiesel  Carafes by Schott Zwiesel Pitchers & Jugs by Schott Zwiesel  Serveware by Schott Zwiesel 

SCHOTT ZWIESEL SommelierWine Tasting equipment & glasses

Schott Zwiesel Ranges  Sommelier Equipment by Schott Zwiesel  Wine Tasting Glasses by Schott Zwiesel 

SCHOTT ZWIESEL Tableware | Ice assymetric serving & dining plates  |  Snow natural form serving & dining plates

Lagoon ovoid serving & presentation bowls  |  Basic vases  |  Basic votive lightsServe to impress 


ZWIESEL 1872 offers a luxurious crystal glass range melding contemporary design with the finest art of the glass blower.

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The ZWIESEL 1872 GOURMET COLLECTION includes the finest sommelier stemware, sumptuous barware and elegant decanters.

Zwiesel 1872 Mouthblown Glassware  Gourmet Mouthblown Wine Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Modern Cut Glass Wine Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Vintage Champagne Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  

Exquisite Champagne Toasting Flutes by Zwiesel 1872  Sparkling Wine Flutes by Zwiesel 1872  Wine Tasting Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Hand-made Cocktail Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  

Connoisseur Cognac & Spirits Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Carafes by Zwiesel 1872  Decanters by Zwiesel 1872   

ZWIESEL 1872 Stemware  |  Delight  |  Enoteca  |  Fino  |  Grace  |  Gusto  |  The First  |  Wine Classics 


ZWIESEL 1872 Barware |  Hommage by Charles Schumann:  Hommage Carat  |  Hommage Comète  |  Hommage Glace

Modern Cutglass Barware by Zwiesel 1872  Luxury Whisky Glasses by Zwiesel 1872  Contemporary Cut Glass Whisky Decanters by Zwiesel 1872  Cigar Ash Trays by Zwiesel 1872

The ZWIESEL 1872 LIVING COLLECTION provides harmonious, timeless vases, bowls, votive lights and candle holders:

ZWIESEL 1872 LIVING  Fayo  |  Joyce  |  Jubilé  |  Living Lights  |  Loom  |  Magna  |  Magoonia  |  Mo  |  Nooma  |  Okiu  |  Ophera

Saiku  |  Saiku Classic  |  Scita  |  Scita Glam  |  Shiro  |  Yuna  |  Yvesse 

ZWIESEL 1872 also offer a range of food presentation solutions for fine dining, buffets & restaurants: 

Zwiesel 1872 Etala Etargere  Zwiesel 1872 Solo Cake Stands & Cloches  Zwiesel 1872 Solo Colours Food Stands & Cloches  Zwiesel 1872 Food Cloches

The Etala etargere  |  Solo cake stands  |  Solo Colours food presentation stands  |  Glass Food cloches or domes


JENAER GLAS manufactures designer tea, coffee, juice and kitchen glassware. This special borosilicate glass, invented by Dr Otto Schott, is both heat and chill resistant.

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The JENAER GLASS collection includes the Bauhaus design classics: movement: The Wagenfeld tea service and Wagenfeld egg coddlers.

Jenaer Glassware  | Tea Service  | Coffee  | Chocolate  | Juice  | Hot'n Cool food & drink presentation  | Cucina casserole & quiche dishes

Salad service  | Food storage solutions |  JENAER GLAS User Care Instructions


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FORTESSA® Fine Bone China 

Fortessa Fine Bone China Dinner Service Patterns  Fortessa Fine Bone China Bowls  Fortessa Fine Bone China Chefs' Plates  Fortessa Coupe Fine Bone China  

Fortessa Fine Bone China Matching Accessories  Fortessa Fine Bone China Serveware  Fortessa Fine Bone China Tea & Coffee Services 

FORTESSA® Fine Bone China offers US designs manufactured using the original English fine bone china
formulation. Fortessa's focus is only on serving the needs of the professional hospitality industry.

This fine bone china offers excellent edge strength, scratch resistant glaze and is, of course,
dishwasher resistant.

This product is available in classic bone white. Many ranges have subtle self-patterns.
All ranges can be under-glazed badged or decorated to your specification & design.  

FORTESSA® Cutlery & Flatware 

Fortessa Cutlery Patterns  Fortessa Cutlery Pattern Steak Knives  Fortessa Serveware Utensils  Speciality Cutlery  

Steak Knives Serrated & Non-Serrated  Fortessa Tasting & Appetizer Spoons  Fortessa Tapas & Sharing Spoons  Fortessa Cutlery Accessories  

FORTESSA® cutlery is available in 18-10 stainless steel or silver plate.
It delivers the quality of manufacture and attention to detail expected by five star hotels,
fine dining restaurants & premier events catering.

FORTESSA metalware also provides elegant and practical metal hollow-ware including jugs, teapots and wine coolers.

Fortessa® FortaLuxe® SuperWhite® Porcelain Colour-coded to Fine Bone China

Fortessa FortaLuxe SuperWhite Coupe Plates  Fortessa FSW Dinnerware colour coded to fine bone china  Fortessa FSW Dinnerware Dishes & Bowls  Fortessa FSW Platters & Dishes  

Fortessa Asian Serveware  Fortessa FSW Sushi Serveware  Fortessa FSW Sushi Platters  Fortessa FSW Chefs Plates Tavola 

Fortessa FSW Chefs Plates Shapes  Fortessa Porcelain Platters & Dishes Colour-coded to Fine Bone China  Fortessa FSW Tasting Plates  Fortessa FSW Pass Plates 

Fortessa FortaLuxe SuperWhite Bowls  Fortessa FSW Tete de Lion Serveware  Fortessa FortaLuxe SuperWhite Accessories  Fortessa FortaLuxe SuperWhite Basics 

What is Fortessa® Fortaluxe® SuperWhite®?
It's a porcelain made in traditional manner with china clay & feldspar, plus a new twist.

SuperWhite® refers to Fortessa's technical use of alumina oxide or magnesium oxide in the production process.
This gives FortaLuxe® SuperWhite® both added strength and the appearance of fine bone china.

Fortessa has also researched new glazing techniques, to deliver the hospitality professional a durable
and scratch-resistant vitrified china.

Fortaluxe SuperWhite is more economical than fine bone china,
but displays the same, prized, bone white appearance (unlike German porcelain which tends to a bluish-grey).

And that allows us to produce porcelain in innovative designs & shapes in, for example,
Chefs' plates, colour-coded to fine bone china.

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™

Fortessa D&V Dinnerware  Fortessa D&V Asian Serveware  Fortessa D&V Tea & Coffee Service  Fortessa D&V Bowls & Pasta  

Fortessa D&V Coupe du Jour  Fortessa D&V Pizza Serveware  Fortessa D&V Coupe Noir  Fortessa D&V Steak & Fish Plates  

Fortessa D&V Serveware  Fortessa D&V Rustic Cayenne  Fortessa D&V Spice Corriander  Fortessa D&V Rustic Saffron  

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™ is a vitrified china reinforced with alumina oxide & Fortessa's proprietary glazes.

Designed for Brasseries, Bistros, Catering events & Ethnic restaurants, this technical development delivers china with

  • Excellent chip resistance
  • High edge strength
  • Scratch resistant glaze
  • A dry foot (to avoid stacking wear marks) 

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™ Spice Rustic

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeram™ Spice rustic range delivers inspiring glazes & shapes.

The warm colours in the Spice range - Cayenne & Saffron - are designed to compliment different food types.
While the cooler Corriander/Cilantro enhances salads & vegetables.

Also available in white (Coupe du Jour range) & black (Noir range).  

ADIT – Working With You

Since 2000, ADIT has helped hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars, contract caterers, cater hire, specialist retailers & distributors across the UK.

The glass, china and metal-ware products we provide have been developed in co-operation with hospitality professionals in Germany, Britain, Europe and the United States.

We provide solutions to enable impressive presentations of wines, spirits, soft drinks and food.

Here’s our promise to you:

- We listen to your needs
- We can provide samples – tactile examples for you to experience
- We can visit you and provide practical advice

Together we can find a specific answer for your restaurant, bar, banqueting or catering business.